TechCrunch writer Zach Whittaker gets snookered by AGARI


Sweet vomiting Judas, when will the tech-jackassery ever end? Check out the TechCrunch article two weeks ago citing AGARI about DMARC figures for the Fortune 500 (read the article here).  The quote:  "New data from Agari shows that just half the Fortune 500 have deployed DMARC…" One problem grasshopper: Agari isn't even DMARC certified by Homeland Security! That's like a posting from a nudist colony that The Emperor is Naked.

To my knowledge, there is only one company that is FedRAMP certified as BOD 18-01compliant. And that company is NOT Agari. In fact, Agari will NEVER be certified, because their technology exposes personally identifiable information.

What is the one company that's DMARC compliant? This isn't some PR campaign promoting good guys. You CISOs can easily google that information. I'm just here to point out shit-for-brains reporters that don't do their homework. Like Zach Whittaker of TechCrunch.

Do your homework man. You've been snookered by some PR flack from Agari.


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