To Russia With Love

Dear Vladimir,

You are cordially invited to hack both the DNC ( and the Republican operations ( and None of them enforce DMARC email security, which means you can send email pretending to be from these guys and nobody BUT NOBODY will be the wiser. Today, the Washington Post ran a story on how the Republicans got hacked during the election (see the story here). You'd think that these guys would have wised up after the last election. Well, think again.

Want to have some real fun in the 2020 election? Imagine the awful stuff you could send with SPAM-bots to every registered voter in America, all undetectable and indistinguishable from the legitimate email addresses! Photoshopped pictures of Trump with Moscow hookers. Or Joe Biden frolicking at the Naked City nudist camp. My gosh, the possibilities are endless. Or Beto O'Rourke playing the guitar naked right out of the movie Love Actually! Of course, that last suggestion might win the presidency for Beto, because he probably wouldn't disavow it. Consider the possibilities, Comrade.

Rephrasing P.T. Barnum, "Nobody ever lost a Cold War underestimating the intelligence of American political machines."


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