Microsoft: The "Most Hacked" OS on the planet makes it easy for the bad guys!

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce, what jackassery makes Windows the most popular operating system on the planet? Honestly, none of my Windows machines (I have a number of them) are even connected to the Internet! Because Windows is the most hacked OS on the planet. And Microsoft makes it easy, with PowerShell.

IBM's X-Force just published (read the article here), that 43% of the attacks it analyzed used totally memory resident PowerShell scripts to execute their attacks. PowerShell scripts never need to touch file systems at all. They don't need to download a payload over the Internet, because the nasty stuff is totally contained in memory.

"Kiss my what?" you PCMatic buffoons who advertise your worthless crap on cable news channels. Anti-virus won't keep bad guys from evading security controls designed to detect malware.

Of course, 45 percent of phishing attacks still used compromised email targeted at specific employees, and only one company I know of locks that barn door. But this isn't a marketing blog, and I'm not going to advertise for them. Because any CISO worth his salt will find them. The rest of you? Well, maybe you should find another line of work.

Mad Max


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