Welcome to Hell, UK's Once And Future King

Please will you lay my letter before His Royal Highness, The Duke of Cambridge:


It is clear to me that the United Kingdom is in great danger and requires drastic intervention from the Royal Family. MI6 Chief Alex Younger said he "will not press for an outright ban on Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co."[Read the Bloomberg story of February 15th here.] It's entirely possible that Mr. Younger should be disqualified from cyber security decisions, as his organization (MI6) is not even competent enough to properly configure their email system against spoofing/impersonation. DMARC reports reporting email impersonating sis.gov.uk will not be sent to the intended receiver.

In a February 14th story published by the UK Register (see the full story here), Eric Xu, one of three rotating chairmen at Huawei, points out that people from the National Cyber Security Center, GCHQ's public facing wing, have source code for Huawei's products. This is laughably inadequate, since coding a back door in plain sight is child's play. And I say this from deep personal experience, to wit:

  1. In my own college days, I coded back doors into the IBM 360 system in BAL (Basic Assembly Language);
  2. When I ran for the United States Congress over 40 years ago, I coded a back door into my campaign computer system in RSTS Basic in a PDP 11 in my home. The drop-through back door took less that 50 lines of code, which was disguised to do another quite legitimate function.
Your Royal Highness, given your future ability to actually dissolve Parliament, perhaps your public threat (or even your Father's) to do so over Her Majesty's inept cyber security organizations might spark a public outcry and reversal of China's obvious attempt to insinuate themselves into your country's vital communications infrastructures. 

At the very least, given the Royal Family's tax-free real estate holdings, you could offer life-time rent-free occupation for one of your properties to the cyber sleuth who can demonstrate a back door in Huawei products.

I have the honor to remain Sir, Your Royal Highness's most humble and obedient servant,

Mad Max, a Citizen of The United States of America


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