Wells Phargo System Well & Truly Phacked

On January 14th, I wrote that IBM and Wells Fargo email security could be phished with fake emails. Take us to today, when the Wells Fargo online systems are STILL FREAKING DOWN! Yesterday, the U.K.Register wrote (read the whole article here):

Whatever happened, it has clearly had an unfortunate knock-on effect. If there are any backup or redundant systems, they're not working. There are some rumors Wells Fargo's servers may be offline until Friday.
Well guess what? It's FRIDAY and I can personally testify that they're still down.

Question: What are the odds that one (possibly hacked) fire suppression system could trigger a cascading outage throughout the entire Wells Fargo online and mobile access points? I don't believe in coincidences.

Yo, Wells Phargo. Ya need a new CISO. And a new phire suppression system. And, dammit, you need DMARC Enforcement on all your outgoing email.



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