FIS just paid $43 billion for a company whose email system is not secure?

Yegads, another Proofpoint customer (Worldpay) just got acquired by FIS for $43 billion (see the CNN story here). Of course, the WSJ had the amount at only $35 billion, but you can forgive CNN a mere $8 billion exaggeration. The point is, Worldpay uses Proofpoint, which means they do not have a spoof-proof email system. Of course, FIS doesn't even have Proofpoint, so their CISO is making a step up in the food chain. Too bad both CISOs should have eschewed "outcome based education" in favor of a top school and actually doing their own homework projects. And if you google Worldpay, you'll see Amazon just linked Amazon Pay to this monstrosity. Maybe the Amazon CISO can talk some DMARC sense to these two yokels, as Amazon DOES HAVE DMARC quarantine/bounce protection. Come on, Amazon! Do you really trust these yokels?


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