Slack IPO: "…we weren't compromised…"

GitHub and Slack were uniquely used by Slub hackers (read the story here). The most entertaining quote from Team Slack:
We investigated and immediately shut down the single Workspace as a violation of our terms of service, and we confirmed that Slack was not compromised in any way as part of this incident.
Notice the weasel wording at the end: "…Slack was not compromised in any way as part of this incident." [Emphasis added by Mad Max.] Given that Slack's email security provider is, who themselves are NOT set at DMARC email-spoofing enforcement, and that Slack is not at spoofing enforcement as well, this quote immediately brings to mind one of my favorite scenes out of the Paul Newman movie Buffalo Bill and the Indians.
In that movie, Sitting Bull has disappeared, and someone wants to send the army after him. Buffalo Bill (Paul Newman) says: "Why hell, we have the best trackers, the best horsemen, and the best Indian fighters anywhere. Get me my real hat and my real gun, and we'll go get him." As his posse of drunken rodeo actors goes galloping over the hill after Sitting Bull, you see one of "the best horsemen" actually fall off his horse.
Given that the Slack execs are smarter than the rest of the financial world (given their whackamole IPO strategy of bypassing traditional investment banks and listing their securities themselves), and given their choice of dmarcian as their email security provider, one or more of these self-proclaimed geniuses has just fallen off the horse.

Yippie Ky Yay, geniuses.


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