Supreme Court could make it illegal to use Dmarcian for email security

News today from GeekWire (see the story here), the United States Supreme Court shot down Amazon-owned Zappos' appeal that argued customers shouldn't be able to sue without proof they were harmed by a data breach. Hurrah for the rights of 24 million Zappos customers. Given that Zappos' supplier for email spoofing security, Dmarcian, still doesn't protect them from email spoofing, could this be a warning to everyone how important DMARC quarantine/rejection is critical. You allow phishing in your data lakes, you too could be liable for a class action lawsuit.


  1. Thanks for writing about dmarcian! It's fun to see how DMARC is being recognized as critical to online safety. dmarcian offers DMARC support to all sizes, ranging from free accounts to enterprise-level support. Our free trial allows people to see how our system works. Sometimes organizations trial but then have their own internal prioritizations before they continue with DMARC deployment. Although you come to the wrong conclusions about Zappos and dmarcian, it's really great that you're recognizing the importance of DMARC. Thank you!


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