84% of phishing attacks occur in the USA

Just why is MadCISO so hung up on easily mitigated email security flaws? This article from BLEEPINGCOMPUTER.COM (read it here) says it all. 84% of the world's phishing occurs in the USA. This is a big deal. Because according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (read the story here), "…phishing is represented in 93 percent of data breaches."

When 49 out of 50 states are election fraud phishing holes (read my article here), when all of the top accounting firms in the U.S. are without email phishing security (read my article here), and when all of the top U.S. aerospace companies are wide open to Chinese/Russian phishing (read my article here), you can see why I'm so critical of particular U.S. security vendors and the fraud they are perpetuating on their customers.

So when I hear of data breaches by any of our U.S. state governments, by accounting firms, or in aerospace companies, I'm going to start naming specific CISOs. The screaming of injured parties ought to resemble Easter Sunday in hell.

By the same token, when any of you aforementioned states or corporations correct your ways, let me know. I'll give you kudos. 

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