Dear Judge Grimm: Your choice of lawyers to lead data breach case against Marriott sucks!

Awh Judge Grim! So far, the attorney's you've selected to be interim co-lead counsel (see the story here) wouldn't know a data breach from a double hernia. The Hausfield firm and the morons at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll don't even have email phishing/impersonation protection on their own systems. In fact, your own website ( has your DMARC enforcement set at "p=none", which means some jolly pranksters could pretend to be you, sending information to the press and to the parties involved in the suit. Holy crap, talk about the blind leading the blind!

Hey, if you want, I'll "out" the other proposed slate of attorneys vying for the job. It ain't pretty, Your Honor. It ain't pretty.

If I were Marriott attorney, I'd move for a change of court jurisdiction as well as a new qualification questioner for the law firms going against Marriott. Oh, wait! Maybe not, as these schmucks can't find their rear ends with both hands. It'll be like shooting phish in a barrel.

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