Greed/Stupidity at LinkedIn/Microsoft helps phishermen bait their hooks

You wanna roach a big-time executive? Spoof him one of these via LinkedIn. How many of us actually check the sender to make sure the sender is actually LinkedIn ( and even then, how many actually trust that Agari's DMARC Enforcement actually works? Versus how many of you just click on "View messages"?

LinkedIn used to send the text of the message in the actual notification email. Then the bean counters took over and talked management into revenue enhancement. Oh wait. Microsoft owns LinkedIn. Microsoft, the most hacked, phished, targeted company on the planet. So now, the greedy LinkedIn bastards want so damned hard to get you onto their site to see their banner ads that they make you click to see the message. They actually bait the hook for fishermen worldwide.

But what else would you expect from a Microsoft company that let's 65% of US households sit naked in the cloud?

Greedy bastards. Greedy f#*%ing bastards!

BTW, I'd love to publicly apologize to you if you reconsider your ways and start sending the full messages in the email notification. Come on! I believe in redemption.

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