Hitchhiker's Guide to The Agari

Weekend entertainment, anyone? For those of you familiar with Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, the number 42 is key. The answer to everything. But what is the question? Well, if it's "Who is number 42 on the Fortune 100 list?" then possibly the key to solving all the world's problems is Proctor and Gamble. Number 42 on the Fortune 100. Well…uh…maybe yes, maybe no. At least as far as their CISO is concerned.

They're using Agari for email phishing/spoofing protection. But with absolutely no DMARC Enforcement: "p=none" to be precise. Geeze Louise, what could go wrong? What kind of data could bad guys get spearphishing PG.com? Heck, maybe nothing. I guess the Agari sales team told the P&G CISO Kostas Georgakopoulous, "Don't Panic."

Bad advice, given the functioning Infinite Improbability Engine currently active in the Universe. So bring your towel. Your crying towel.

Mad Max, Irate CISO and fun loving but definitely not numerologist looking for "the golden moment."


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