Top US Accounting Firms Open to Phishing

Thanks to Agari (2), proofpoint (1), one home-grown DMARC, and two complete morons, the top-six U.S. CPA/accounting firms (by revenue) are completely unprotected from spear phishing-email/spoofing attacks. According to The CPA Journal (see the article here),  "…the largest CPA firms should consider data breach claims a possibility…" What a freaking understatement! The authors of this report (Joseph Brunsman and Daniel Hudson) did the most asinine job of slicing-and-dicing since the HP acquisition of Autonomy.

If I wanted inside information on upcoming M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activity, I'd try to roach (a) the SEC, (b) high-tech law firms in Silicon Valley, and (c) the big CPA firms. I previously pointed out the nakedness of Silicon Valley law firms (read the story here), and now set my sights on the big bean counters.

When you top-ranked CPA firms get breached and insider trading on big acquisitions is traced back to you, try taking The CPA Journal article to court with you. The most you can hope for is that the judge will laugh so hard he gets a massive heart attack, and you need to start a new trial with a new judge.

Mad Max

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