U.S. Election Phishing Hole Map Used By Russia

And just when I'd decided to stop swearing aloud in front of my computer, damn! With the Mueller report and election tampering on my mind, I decided to check out every one of the 50 state governments for election tampering possibilities. In how many states could an email from the governor with a totally memory resident PowerShell script virus (read my article here) to completely roach every important computer in any state government.

How easy would it be for a fake email purporting to be from the governor at his legitimate email address to go out within any state management structure. Subject line could read, "How to make an origami version of our state flower/bird/etc."

Guess what? Only one stinking state has email spoofing/impersonation protection! That state is Oregon, and they rolled their own DMARC enforcement. Congrats, guys.

The rest either have none, or are among the six moronic states that actually trusted Agari, proofpoint, or dmarcian to protect them from phishing attacks. You fools!

So how about the 2020 presidential election? What could possibly go wrong? I need to go lie down.

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