49 of the top-50 U.S. Research Universities are wide open to phishing

According to Best College Reviews (read their article here), the top-50 research universities in the United States of America have some impressive stories. The bad news, from a CISO standpoint, is that 49 of the 50 have no email impersonation/spoofing protection whatsoever. Only one, the University of Wisconsin in Madison, has thought things out. They have a 10% quarantine policy, which means somebody in the IT department is thinking forensics. If the error logs sniff a little phishing, a smart sysadmin is going to get wind of it and set up a honey pot. At least I hope that's the case.

Folks, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and quit turning the air blue with invective.With all the news about China stealing American intellectual property, and with the abysmal DMARC enforcement among our defense contractors (see the Wipro story here), I was quite tempted to make this article a masterpiece of profanity. But I'm not. Even as I sit here typing this, I'm not even swearing out loud. And my wife is at a conference today, so nobody is home to witness any verbal tantrums. Please congratulate me on my new-found restraint.

As for 49 of the 50 research universities, all I can say is…nope, I'm not going there. No cursing today! 49 of the 50 top research universities have probably been well and truly infiltrated by state-sponsored vacuum cleaners.

Mad Max

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