Agari CEO Indictment Imminent on 5 counts of DMARC crippling? IPO prospects?

Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed criminalization of sloppy data breach security practices (see the Senate News Room story here). Should that come to pass, not only might any potential AGARI IPO be put into question, but Agari CEO Patrick Peterson could be looking at Jail time. To wit:

  1. Number 10-ranked research college, Emory University, DMARC enforcement disabled (see story here). Medical research quickly snapped up by China.
  2. The states of Missouri and West Virginia( two counts here) are wide open to phishing and election fraud because DMARC enforcement is disabled (see story here). Russian election tampering facilitated.
  3. Fortune #42, Proctor and Gamble, has their DMARC enforcement disabled (see story here). As many as 25 P&G acquisitions were learned of in advance, and Russian hackers profited from inside trading information. 
  4. Agari's so-called enforcement of DMARC for just doesn't work (see details here). How many money transfers have been misappropriated by hackers worldwide?
When the question arises in his criminal deposition ("How long have you known about these flaws in your service?"), Mad Max hopes this document will be proof of foreknowledge and active efforts to cover up gross misbehavior toward these clients.

Mad Max

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