Agari opens up a phishing "gold mine" at First American Financial

Unbelievable. In a story by (read it here), First American Financial ($5.7 billion in revenue last year alone) "…exposed hundreds of millions of documents pertaining to mortgage deals dating as far back as 2003…including bank account numbers, mortgage and tax records as well as other sensitive information." According to the Wall Street Journal: "…it would be a virtual gold mine.

According to First American: "…the company doesn't think there was a leak of the data or that it was transferred to a hacker."

Given that Agari provides DMARC phishing/spoofing enforcement NOT (p=none), don't bet on it you First American stockholders.

Mad Max asks, "How the heck does a first-tier title insurance company get away with no phishing/email-spoofing protection?"

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