Dmarcian CEO Tim Draegen Last Seen Taking A Selfie in Alaska

Last known photo of dmarcian CEO Tim Draegen, missing since May 1st.
[Photo Credit: Photographer/guide Boliver Shagnasty.]

Having their IPO offering memorandum tainted by cybersecurity risks (see the April 29th story here), Slack wanted to reward dmarcian CEO Tim Draegen with an all-expense paid trip to Alaska. "That's the least we could do for the SOB," said Slack co-founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield. "After all, dmarcian left us bare with his line of BS about DMARC protection from email impersonation and phishing, and then set us up with zero DMARC enforcement. And someone left him…bear. A polar bear!"

The DMARC enforcement setting on the Slack website is "p=none".

"Unbelievably, dmarcian is actually featuring Slack as a 'trusted by' client on their website!" Concludes Slack's Butterfield, "It'll be poetic justice of another of Dmarcian's touted clients, like Ascensus and their '8 million Americans' savings get looted by hackers, as dmarcian also has their DMARC enforcement disabled."

It was also learned by this writer that Johns-Hopkins University and Iowa State University helped pay for Tim's trip, citing similar disgust with dmarcian for non-DMARC enforcement on their campus email systems. Both universities are major research hubs and complain of their intellectual property being stolen by phishers from major state players around the world. They like the idea of cleaning the gene pool in an environmentally friendly way, giving a Polar Bear and her cubs some lunch.

Amazon and Zappos also contributed to Draegen's Alaska trip, due to the hit they're taking from the Zappos class-action lawsuit. Zappos is a dmarcian client, so we wonder…

As per this site's slogan (and my previous story on Slack, click here to read it), "Karma is a bitch."

Freelance photographer/guide Boliver Shagnasty has been arrested and is in custody pending trial in the disappearance of Draegen. I interviewed him, but he doesn't seem worried about the outcome, since there is no body. He seemed more concerned about his photo getting an award. Quoting him: "To hell with a Pulitzer. I'm thinking Nobel."

See my previous posting on a note from dmarcian (read it here). Shagnasty's defense team is using it at the upcoming trial.

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