Go Phishing with Willie Nelson this Memorial Day Weekend

Spearphishing actually. How about you email the executive assistant to the CEO of any big company and say, "Hey, I'm in the air and out of touch, but could you check my spelling in this invitation and then mail it to my A-list contacts/customers…?" A little PowerScript boogeyman from a legitimate CEO to all their high-flying buddies ought to do just fine.

Yep, try the "I'm on the road again" ploy this weekend.

As I've demonstrated in MadCISO, very few big shots are protected by DMARC phishing/spoofing email enforcement. No wonder every one of our major organizations have been infiltrated by bad guys worldwide.

Here's some music to go with your phishing trip.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Mad Max

#ontheroadagain #willienelson #phishing


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