Help Mad Max nail the swine who preyed the disadvantaged at People Inc.

I would have used a photo from People Inc's website, but they are of  disadvantaged people, and I have no desire to humiliate human beings that have enough going against them already.

Soapbox time. According to WGRZ, an NBC affiliate (see the story here), "…someone got into an employee's email account…" and exposed information, including "names, social security umbers and other info for current and former clients…" for New York's leading nonprofit human service agency, People Inc. Yeah, the website has no protection from email spoofing/phishing. And yeah, it probably wasn't hard to spearphish a person with disabilities who had graduated to helping around the office. I'm not going to rant on these guys. Nah, not me.

But Mad Max would really REALLY like to find out who did the phishing and make quite a public example out of them. There's some Scripture that says "…insasmuch as you do this to the least of these…" etc. Well, anybody who victimizes "the least of these" earns a special spot on Mad Max's hit list.

So if you find out who did this despicable act, comment here with and independently verifiable source. In our "reputation-based world," I'll make it my job to bring these swine down. Hard. And any security-oriented CISOs who volunteer to help People Inc. plug some holes, I'll gladly sing your praises (for once), and avoid making you the subject of a future rant.

I used the word "avoid" and not "desist." I'll only cut mendacity a little slack.

Mad Max, Crusader for the Downtrodden

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