Microsoft #1 in impersonation by phishing attacks

According to TechRepublic (read the article here), Microsoft is the most impersonated brand by hackers phishing for dollars. No big mystery here, given Microsoft's market share and…frankly…their hackability. Don't get me started. Again.

Interesting "data exhaust" however. It seems the security company ( that touts "…the best Filter email Protection using AI…" does not itself have DMARC email spoofing/impersonation enforcement. Neither do most of their customers. One of them,, actually has a DMARC signature, but "pct=0", which means nothing is checked by…drum roll…their DMARC enforcer: Agari. Here is the customer list touted on their website (you check out their DMARC records and…cringe!):

Given that Vade Secure has ZERO customer reviews on Capterra (click here), Mad Max suggests that their PR firm is much better at placing articles than their sales team is at getting satisfied customers. 

Mad Max

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