Nigerian Phishes City of Fort Worth for Over $700K

As reported in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (read the story here), whistleblower William Birchette got fired for reporting the city of Fort Worth's accounts payable department got phished and changed electronic bank deposit instructions for Imperial Construction. The city's acting chief financial officer Kevin Gunn and acting chief technology officer Roger Wright were named in Birchette's wrongful-termination lawsuit. Actually, they should have been fired, since the city has set up DMARC but turned off phishing/impersonation enforcement (yep, "p=none"). Pretty cool way to monetize phishing, eh? Just have the AP department change banks for payments to a legitimate supplier.

Most likely, Gbenga phished a legitimate account for himself at Imperial Construction, which doesn't know DMARC from a double hernia. What's an AP clerk to do at the city of Fort Worth when she gets a legitimate request to change banks? Pretty clever phishing ploy.

Too bad the crook, Gbenga A. Fadipe, 48, was so completely stupid as not to get the hell out of Texas. $700K is a nice nest egg to set up shop in a country without extradition. Like, say, NIGERIA! Gbenga, is a popular first name among the HYoruba speaking tribe of Nigeria. It means "lift up" or "lift higher." In Texas it means "Hang 'em high!"

Good luck, Gbenga. So, did you make bail?

Mad Max

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