Russia and China give the USA an A+ in phishability

 Congratulations from Russia & China to the USA for having such criminally poor (Okay Senator Warren, I'm in on your proposal to criminalize stupid cyber practices) computer security. Why the "A+" from all the bad guys around the world (Russia and China just being just two examples)?

1.  A+ in EDUCATION:  49 of the 50 top research universities in the U.S. are open to phishing (read the details here).

You want to steal intellectual property? Go phishing where there is absolutely no DMARC enforcement.

2.  A+ in ELECTION TAMPERABILITY:  49 of the 50 states are open to phishing (read the details here).

You want to hack the U.S. elections, Comrade? Go phishing in 49 of the 50 state governments, where there is absolutely no DMARC enforcement.

3.  A+ in DEFENSE:  Aerospace and defense contractors and their key subcontractors are open to phishing (read the Wipro story here).

No wonder China was able to steal terabytes of F-35 Tactical Fighter specifications. Any fool could go phishing in these waters.

4.  A+ in TECHNOLOGY:  Major U.S. tech companies like Microsoft and their subsidiary LinkedIn actually help phishermen bait their hooks (read the story here).

Microsoft and LinkedIn could be the poster children for Karl Marx's Das Kapital. Yep, capitalism will kill itself on its own greed.

5.  A+ in ECONOMICS:  Top U.S. accounting firms that handle mergers and acquisitions are wide open to phishing (read the story here).

Want to make some quick cash? Phish M&A activity in the U.S. and trade on inside information.

6.  A+ in LITIGATION: Our judges and Law Firms are oblivious to phishing (read the story here).

Want inside information on legal firms. Go phishing!

7.  A+ in CYBERDEFENSE: Anti-phishing technology companies like Agari, dmarcian, and proofpoint are just kidding (read the stories here, and here, and here).

You decide for yourself whether the big players are guilty of criminal stupidity.

Seven "A+" grades from Russian and China make us SUMMA CUM LAUDE worldwide. Mad Max has a totally different assessment, as you can see from reading 81 published articles on


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