Tribute to Dmarcian in this 100th issue of MadCISO

Wow, has it been 100 issues? If you hit the "search key" on the above right, you'll notice that a significant number of data breaches are attributable to the geniuses at dmarcian. On this 100th issue of MadCISO, Mad Max awards the PLEASE KILL ME AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY award to dmarcian, a sentiment shared by Australian web-design service Canva (read the Tom's Guide story here). 139 million of their users slurped in yet another data breach. And the dmarcian DMARC enforcement is set at a "What, Me Worry?" zero. Yep, "p-none" at Canva.

Congrats to Canva. In this Darwinian world, your choice of dmarcian will help us thin out the gene pool…of idiots.

Mad Max

#dmarcian #canva #dmarc #phishing #spoofing #enforcement


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