Agari's invitation to Russia: "California Phishing Season Open at PG&E!"

ZDNet (read the story here) reports "CYBERWARFARE ESCALATION JUST TOOK A NEW AND DANGEROUS TURN." Seems like Russia and the US have been mapping each other's power grids. Naturally, Mad Max had to check out THE BIG ONE: CALIFORNIA. Yikes, the filthy hand of Agari again. PG&E is supposedly Agari protected, but Agari has DMARC enforcement set at zip. Zero. "p=none" for the Golden State. Which means anybody can phish the grid in California.

Not that anything protected by Agari is safe, given my previous experience with Western Union (read my sad tale of woe here).

Again my question: How the heck does Agari stay in business?

Mad Max

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