Been outside the U.S. recently? Tag, you're it! Class action lawsuit anyone?

The Washington Post reports (read it here) that "images, which included photos of people's license plates" have been…eh…compromised "as part of an attack on a federal subcontractor." Since U.S. Customs and Border Protection maintains a database including passport and visa photos at "the arrival halls of international airports as well as land border crossings "as part of an agency facial precognition program," somebody's got some 'splainin to do.

The "federal subcontractor" is likely perceptics, a real head scratcher since the company has no DMARC spoofing/enforcement, which has been a FedRAMP certification requirement by the DOD for almost a year.

Bottom line, if the people you do business with do NOT have DMARC enforcement turned on, ain't no way they're FedRAMP compliant. So why, you ask, is the Customer and Border Protection organization doing business with perceptics? I haven't the faintest.

But I do know that, since perceptics is a private contractor to the government, that they are fair game for class action attorneys. I predict we'll see such lawsuits within a week. So far, nothing has shown up at Stay tuned.

Mad Max, Jailhouse Lawyer & Prophet of the BCK

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