Before you sign up for Flipboard, remember…

Forbes reports that 150-million Flipboard users were hacked for over 9 months (read the story here). Granted, hacking a news aggregation service might be tough to monetize, unless you want to sway the 2020 elections and don't care about petty theft. But as users who often use the same passwords across multiple sites, a trough of 150-million users could be useful.

Mad Max always checks the DMARC status of potential online suppliers, and my motto is I DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH MORONS. Flipboard, with DMARC enforcement turned off, are morons. Which is why I don't have a Flipboard account.

But modifying an H. L. Mencken thought, "Nobody every went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public." Et tu 150-million morons who trust Flipboard.

Mad Max

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