Desjardins, another Agari muccess story

2.9 million members of Canadian lender Desjardins Group (read the story here) data is for sale on the dark Web, including first and last name, data of birth, social insurance number, address, phone humber, email address and details about customer banking habits. Desjardins is supposedly protected by Agari DMARC full enforcement, and the story reports "the breach is the result of unauthorized and illegal use of the company's data by an employee who has since been fired." My bet is that employee got phished, because Agari enforcement products—based upon my experience with Western Union (read my story here)—simply don't work.

Mad Max, jailhouse lawyer, predicts that not only Desjardins but Agari itself will be named in an upcoming class action lawsuit. Stay tuned.

Mad Max
Jailhouse Lawyer &
Prophet of the BCK

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