Evite hacked? Notify all your wedding guests. Ditto for customers of Canva, 500px, Share This, Under Armour and Gyfcat customers.

According to International Business Times (see their story here), Evite—along with Canva, 500px, Share This, Under Armour, GyfCat and others—got hacked, and their customers are for sale on the Dark Web. Big surprise?  Nah! Here is the DMARC protection status of these players:

  • Evite.com — No DMARC record.
  • Canva.com — The dmarcanalyzer "protector" has enforcement turned off.
  • 500px.com — No DMARC record.
  • ShareThis.com — No DMARC record.
  • UnderArmour.com —DMARC record is set to no enforcement (p-none).
  • Gyfcat.com — No DMARC record.
Hey, Grasshopper, do you see a trend here?

It's a Darwinian cleaning out of the moron CISO gene pool.

Mad Max, Gene Therapist

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