Ironscales investors just burned $15 million

Israeli company Ironscales raised another $15 million "to defeat phishing attacks with A.I. (read the venture beat story here)." A word to the wise: Don't. As in DON'T TRUST EMAIL FROM THESE GUYS. Because they don't even have a DMARC record. So anybody can pretend to be them. Which means their investors just stuck $15 million up the rear end of a wild hog and lit it on fire, said hog blasting into the woods around YOUR house.

Of course, Ironscales' technology partners are, well, morons. uses Dmarcanalyzer with DMARC enforcement set to…you guessed it…zero. A second technology partner, Check Point Software, doesn't even have a DMARC record. And their third technology partner,, is another proud customer of proofpoint, who has their DMARC enforcement turned off. Talk about acres of asses. Oh, and their press release announcing partnership with BDO, a "managed Security Services company," is equally stupid, since BDO apparently doesn't know DMARC from…my probably overused line…a double hernia.

Mad Max's situational awareness summary: Ironscales' advertising is several major developments ahead of their technical competence.

Mad Max

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