Schmidt happens: 19 years of ANU data slurped

The U.K Guardian (read the story here) just broke the news that Australian National University got 19 years of data hacked by "a sophisticated operator". Data includes:

  • names
  • addresses
  • dates of birth
  • phone numbers
  • personal email addresses
  • emergency contact details
  • tax file numbers 
  • payroll information
  • bank account details
  • passport details 
  • student academic records
Interesting, "Following the incident [linked to China] reported last year, we undertook a range of upgrades to our systems to better protect our data," said vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt. Uh Schmidtsy old pal, you still have DMARC spoofing/enforcement turned off ("p=none"). And when you do that…forgive me…"Schmidt happens."

Mad Max

#anubreach #databreach #dmarc #schmidthappens


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