SentinalOne "D" round of $120 million proves the lemming theory

$120 million just got flushed down SentinalOne (read the Venture Beat story here). Let's see…you guys want us to trust you to do end-point security, and you don't even have your own DMARC security enforcement? Wow, what a bunch of stupid investors:

  • Samsung Venture Investment Corporation: No DMARC enforcement.
  • Third Point Ventures: No DMARC enforcement.
  • Red Point Ventures: A Dmarcian customer with DMARC turned off.
  • Next Equity: No DMARC enforcement.
  • Data Collective (DCVC): A dmarcanalyzer customer with DMARC enforcement turned off.
See what I mean by lemmings? The whole group has a combined IQ of less than 100.

I kid you now. Get set for all the worst parts of the Bible to hit by 2020, starting with shit rain.

Mad Max

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