United Technologies and Raytheon: Merger of two Morons

Today's Darwin Award is shared by (read the WSJ story here) United Technologies (a proud proofpoint customer) and Raytheon, both of whom have email phishing/spoofing DMARC enforcement turned off (p=none). Which means that you can send email pretending to be from these guys, and nobody will know the difference. Phish yourself an email account at either company, and then have some fun. You know the Russians and Chinese are already there.

Raytheon CISO Peter Kim (his new gig as payback for channelling Air Force contracts to his new employer?) and United Technologies CISO Daniel Conroy (rugby player who probably got hit in the head one too many times) are a perfect bedfellows.

Hopefully, they share the same office. That way, Karma will use only one lightning bolt.

Maybe activist investor William Ackman (read the WSJ story here) is sensing some bad karma.

Mad Max, Prophet of the BCK

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