What jury wouldn't throw the book at a debt collection agency that loses 11.9 million Quest Diagnostics Patient's Data?

Health IT Security reports (read the story here) that American Medical Collection Agency (dun and whackstreet acronym AMCA) got 12-million Quest Diagnostics Patient's records stolen in a pretty big data breach. Quest, one of the nation's largest blood testing companies in the US. Since the hacker had access for nearly 8 flipping months to credit card numbers, bank account details, medical data, and other personal information like Social Security numbers, one might ask "Kiss my Class Action Lawsuit what?" Given that 200,000 patient details were for sale on the dark Web, this is a definite "What the …?"

"Sorry Dear!" [My wife just yelled at me from the other room to watch my language.]

AMCA, by the way, does not enforce DMARC enforcement for subdomains ("sp=none"). I'm betting there will be class action lawsuits within the week. Anybody want to take me up on a friendly wager? I mean seriously, what jury wouldn't throw the book at a debt collection agency. Not even the television jury consultant BULL could win this one. Heh heh.

Mad Max, the jailhouse bookie

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