Premera Blue Cross $10 million lighter in DUMB AND DUMBER contest

First, you don't protect your user data against spoofing/phishing. AND THEN YOU LIE ABOUT IT. Kiss $10 million goodbye. Check out the MLT News story (here). And the $10 million is just the ante in the poker game, as other class action lawsuits are still pending.

Remember when I posted (click here to read it) that THE BAD GUYS could find out your medical defects (like a peanut allergy) and send you presents laced with pathogens (or just peanut oil)? This is just one example why THE BAD GUYS are after health providers. Blackmail people with STDs. Kill some others to prove you're serious.

Just wait until quantum computers go on the market and you don't have transaction security (because any encryption scheme will be crackable within one hour).

Gonna be a brave new world, Hoss. A brave new world.

Mad Max
Jailhouse Lawyer who is
Shoveling Shit Against the Tide

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