2020 Elections going to be a hackfest; get your popcorn.

 Got an email from Reddit reader lolklolk on August 17th saying: "2020 elections are going to be great." If you'll remember, I posted a PowerShell script (see it here) written by this reader that will immediately list all the states and their email phishing/spoofiing/impersonation enforcement. To date, only two have DMARC enforcement, and Oregon is still screwed with other problems. Thus, 48 states are really not truly serious about protecting their election systems.

Thus, given this much time to perfect their election tampering exploits by spearphishing their hearts out with evermore clever exploits (I like the one where clever hackers use research university spoofs to gain confidence of their "marks" in other organizations - see my post on how to weaponize university accounts here), I wouldn't be surprised to see Alfred E. Newman elected president.

Just saying.

Mad "I told you so" Max

#lolklolk #2020 #electionhacking


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