I take back my apology to Dmarcian. Et Tu Delta!

Just Sunday (read my apology here), I apologized to dmarcian for my dyslexic reading of a phishing email and attributing extreme incompetence to them. Well, so much for my largesse. According to Skift (read the story here), Delta Airlines is suing chatbot vendor [24]7.ai for a data breach. They should probably name dmarcian in their lawsuit, since the geniuses at dmarcian have turned off email spoofing/impersonation enforcement at [24]7.ai. Of course, that would be like the pot calling the kettle stupid, since Delta itself is left similarly non-enforced by ReturnPath, who has turned off DMARC at Delta Airlines.

To use a flying analogy, idiots of a feather…uh…get flocked together.

Mad Max
Jailhouse Lawyer

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