Agari doing damage control on my criticism?

My criticism of Agari on September 11th (how appropriate) evoked these comments today from someone called "Stable Genius".  My guess is that this writer is anything but stable, nor a genius. Since he/she/it (hey, I'm trying to be gender neutral) just joined Blogger in September (probably minutes before posting these asinine comments), I'm guessing it's from some low-level Agari marketing hack assigned to do damage control by a boss who wants to get this persons fired.

The first comment ("Clearly your email provider does not enforce DMARC…") is stupid an irrelevant. Western Union hired Agari to provide DMARC enforcement. It doesn't matter who my email provider is. Any email allegedly sent from should be tagged and bagged.

The second comment is definitely true. Mad Max does indeed have "some sort of vendetta against Agari." Just hit the search spyglass in the upper right of this screen,type "Agari" and you'll see that 41 of the almost 200 MadCISO posts have criticized Agari. That's over 20% of the Mad Max diatribes. The correlation between my phishing posts and the proximity of Agari to the problem does indeed form the basis for a vendetta. And each of those 41 posts gives chapter and verse for my criticism.

Now my "Stable Genius," here's why I think your boss wants you fired. You obviously have no product knowledge. No domain expertise. These posts make you look like a fool.

I've been around a while. Years ago, my son worked for one of the biggies, and his boss assigned him to personally work with one of the company's most vocal critics. He called me and said, "Hey Dad, I've been assigned to personally deal with [so and so]." I told him that his boss wanted to fire him, but I gave him a solution to cultivating [so and so]. He took that advice, and the company critic became a big supporter of the company. In fact, that critic became a systems integrator and retired on the money he made integrating that company's products for his clients.

So let me give you the same advice. Learn what DMARC does and what Agari is selling to its customers. Specifically, my Western Union posting (read it here) gives chapter and verse on the hole in your support of that company. Get with development. Solve the problem. Then get back to me and I'll gladly rescind my criticism of Agari and sing their praises.

Or ignore this advice at your own peril. Some schmuck said that we learn more from our failures than from our successes. Given a tight job market at the top-tier companies, you might want to reconsider cutting-and-pasting the screed your boss gives you and push back.

The following review of Agari says it all (read their full review of Agari here):

"Provided many opportunities to learn to sell a product that didn't work."

Mad Max
Job Coach and
Prophet of the BCK

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