"Duh, we're trying to figure out how we got phished!"

John Schadl, a spokesperson for the Minneapolis ride sharing service (read the story here) said they have "…opened an investigation to figure out why the attack wasn't caught, and how to keep it from happening again." Well shit Schadl, why don't you try plugging your phishing hole with DMARC enforcement? More than 15,000 handicapped people "may have had their personal information accessed in a data breach." The lowest of the low-hanging fruit are ripe for ripping off.

Jesus said, "Inasmuch as you do it unto the least of these, you do it onto me." Hence, the predators who are ripping off "the least of these" are well and truly mucking with Jesus.

Mad Max would really like to find out who the fishers are. Jesus is full of love and forgiveness. Mad Max would like to make the Earth a living hell for these particular bad guys. Christ will have mercy on their souls. Not so much for Mad Max. I'm going to get you. Then I'm going to burn down your house. Then I'll salt the Earth. And then I'll go after your families, you scum.

Oh, yeah! The IronScales "Predictive Phishing Protection" ad shows up on this story. What a joke. Those morons don't have DMARC protection either (see my IronScales story here). Talk about morons feeding on other morons. I kid you not. The world is well and truly doomed.

Mad "as all hell" Max

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