Glass Door reviews of 6 email spoofing/impersonation/protection companies

Here are the major players in the DMARC enforcement marketplace. Clearly, Mad Max was looking for warts. Check out all of the Glass Door reviews from each company by clicking on the appropriate links. I'm figuring anonymous reviews by employees (and former employees) should be taken with a grain of salt, but they are nevertheless an interesting datapoint. You be the judge:

Agari: 83 ratings, Average rating is 5 out of 5 (click here)
Pros: Taught me how to sell software that didn't work.
Cons: You can sum up Agari with the fact that a word of truth has never left the lips of any of the execs. Routinely, and regularly, the entire employee base is fed manufactured and deceiving information in order to cull objectivity. A more apropos name for the marketing department should be The Ministry of Truth. You'll have regular meetings where the executive team stands up in front of everyone and says mistruths... 
Dmarcian: 1 rating, 5 star (obviously a plant) (click here)
Pros: Work/life quality. Healthy balanced work environment. Leadership cares about employees.
Cons: There are none that I experienced or witnessed. 
MxToolbox: 3 reviews, 3.3 average rating (click here)
 Pros: While the general manager was there the company was doing great and it was a pleasure to work there. The team was 3 other junior to mid-level developers, we used Agile, work hours were good, the pay was great. The interview was easy and it comprised of talking with the CEO/owner and the developers. There was no coding exercise. In the end, it was an easy job, and it paid well.
Cons: Once the general manager left, all the structure and displine he had installed fell apart. DevOps was a nightmare. The development team was expected to be on call a week at a time, to do tech support and DevOps tasks. Adaption of new technoloy and modern software development practices was an uphill batttle with little success. The owner/CEO wrote poor code, and expected others to maintain it. He micromanaged the technology, and fought against using exiting libraries because he claimed he can write better software. There was no initiative or support for professional growth. The code base was a 10 year old, poorly written and patched to hell application. Writing maintainable, well designed code was frowned upon. Wtiting tests was not enforced, and database development happened against the production database. In conclusion, if you are a senior level software engineer, take your skills someplace else. 

Proofpoint: 309 ratings, average 3.5 out of 5 (click here)
Pros (from a 5-star rating): Leading edge technology, lots to learn, fast paced and company consistently does well financially.
Cons: No true software as a service and very complex product. 
Return Path: 173 reviews, average 4.2 out of 5 (link here)
Pros: Prior to the Validity acquisition, RP was a company unlike any other. They treated people with respect, fairness and compensated appropriately. People were supported, collaboration was everywhere, and mistakes were encouraged. The culture started at the top, and CEO Matt Blumberg practiced what he preached - an exceptional "people first" environment that made everyone work harder to be better. Most, if not all, senior leaders offered remarkable flexibility, career advancement opportunities and growth potential to their employees.
Cons: Since being acquired and the new leadership taking over, RP is a shell of what it once was. Clients realize this and are jumping ship at a breakneck pace, as are the talented and smart people that once drove this business forward. I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone anymore, which is devastating to say. - New leadership doesn't care about anything except sales - New leadership approaches sales with an 80s style boiler room philosophy that feels more like used car sales than saas/technology - New company has no discernable Go To Market strategy for long term success - Product is broken and company is not investing in fixing it

Valimail: 15 ratings, 4.9 star average (click here)
Pros: Wonderful and talented marketing team, office with a beautiful view, good benefits
Cons: Can't take pets to the office
Mad Max
Seeker of Truth

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