Imperva Cybersecurity Vendor Whacked

Well hell, folks. They guys who went public protecting firms from data breaches was hit by a breach (read the NextWeb story here). The question from Mad Max: Doesn't it make sense to check out the cybersecurity vendors you use for DMARC themselves? Imperva is impervious to DMARC email phishing/spoofing enforcement. Bad guys got "email addresses, hashed and salted passwords, API keys, and SSL certificates of its customers registered since September 15, 2017."

Imperva was acquired by Thoma Brav in January of 2019 for $2.1 billion. Thoma Bravo, FYI, has their own DMARC enforcement turned off.

Ah sigh. BTW, I'm getting a lot of "promoted" ads on LinkedIn from Imperva. Schmucks!

Mad Max

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