Oracle, the most secure cloud provider on the planet…has an Achilles heel.

Last week, I reported (read it here) that Oracle could be the most secure cloud provider on the planet. In my hubris—my largesse after having a wonderful Labor Day weekend—this posting became the most viewed of my nearly 200 MadCISO rants. So let's keep things real. Yep, I believe that Oracle is the TOP DOG in cloud security…except for NetSuite's one glaring security hole: They're using Proofpoint for DMARC enforcement, and the worthless bastards have turned off phishing/spoofing/impersonation enforcement (p=none). Not only for the main domain, but for all subdomains (sp=none).

Of course, Oracle's main cloud competitor (if you read the front page of the Wall Street Journal every Thursday) is While Salesforce has DMARC enforcement set to 100%, the silly schmucks are using Agari, which I have reported simply doesn't work (read my WESTERN UNION exposé here).

Net net:  Mad Max will be anxious to report whether NetSuite (who has been running silly ass television ads on Fox News) will boot proofpoint and turn on some real DMARC phishing/spoofing/impersonation enforcement from a real vendor.

Stay tuned.

Mad Max

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