200 million Zynga users hacked

According to LifeHacker (read the story here), Around 200 million players of popular Words With Friends and Draw Something games from Zynga had their account information stolen by "outside hackers." The clever PR people are priceless: "Our current understanding is that no financial information was accessed…You probably don't need to meticulously scan your credit card transactions for the next few months—for any that might be otherwise linked to your Zynga account, that is—but it never hurts to give them a quick look in a month or so to make sure everything is on the up-and-up."

Mad Max loves that phrase: "Our current understanding…" Yeah. Just in case.

Since Zynga has turned off DMARC enforcement (p=none), and since their SPF record includes Outlook protection (which is set to zero by Agari), there could be a "just in case" scenario that rears its ugly head in a class action suit. Stay tuned.

Mad Max
Jailhouse Lawyer

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