TransUnion Canada is hosed when class action attorneys read this post, eh?

According to IT World Canada (read it here), credit bureau TransUnion Canada has a lot of unanswered questions. They're stonewalling inquiries about 37,000 Canadians whose personal information "may have been copied by a hacker." They have probably NOT been responsive upon advice of their attorneys, who look with horror at their US partner Equifax. Since they're a proofpoint customer, even though proofpoint supposedly enforces DMARC spoofing/impersonation protection, the TransUnion customer CWB National Leasing, the source of the leak, does NOT have a DMARC record. 

Question: Don't you think TransUnion should insist that its client companies have DMARC enforcement? Jailhouse lawyer Mad Max suggests that the class action attorneys going after TransUnion use this question in the discovery process.

Mad Max

Jailhouse Lawyer

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