Kalispell Regional Medical PR team is full of crap

Myers Reece, the Flathead Beacon reporter, got snookered by the Kalispell PR team when he did the story on their data breach (read it here). Quoting the PR:  "The hospital discovered…that multiple employees had unknowingly provided their KRH email login credentials to 'unauthorized malicious criminals by way of a phishing scam.'" 130,000 patients' personal information "may have been accessed."  May have been accessed?

Good news for phishers, however. Kalispell Regional Healthcare STILL has no DMARC record, nor do they have an SPF record. So send the staff a box of hot chocolate. Then send a phishing email with the subject line "I hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate." You get the drift.

Montana. Where the men are men and the sheep… Well, you get the drift.

Mad Max
I never cease to be amazed

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