Dear Wells Fargo: You have my email in yesterday's post!

My Wells Fargo post yesterday got this Twitter message from them:

@Ask_WellsFargo: @CisoMad We advise that you forward the email messages to Thanks for bringing this to our attention. -Tiffany

Yo, Tiffany. No breakfast at your place today. I think Wells Fargo has all you need in yesterday's post, and that this mushy support response was, well, mushy. How about you get some decent DMARC Enforcement from a reliable vendor. Hint from Mad Max:  Ignore ReturnPath, Agari, dmarcian, and proofpoint (search this blog for my notes on those paragons of technological idiocy).

Merry Christmas, ya ignorant lampshade.

Mad Max

#wellsfargo #returnpath #Agari #dmarcian #proofpoint #phishing #phargo


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