Proof you can't trust Wells Fargo emails!

Well holy shit on a shingle! I do so much business with Wells Fargo that I almost got suckered by this email. It really came from and had just a few flags. Like:

  1. An downloadable payment advice. Wells Fargo doesn't do this.
  2. "Dear Sir/Madam" --> Awh come on!
  3. Looking at the full message, that server in Aruba was, well, schmuckaddressing.
Wells Fargo is protected and supposedly email spoofing/phishing/impersonation enforced by Obviously as big a fakeware supplier as are Agari, dmarcian, and proofpoint (hit the spyglass icon in the upper right and search for my articles on those bozos).

Dear Wells Fargo: Kiss my ass.

Mad Max
Really Mad

#wellsfargo #returnpath #dmarcian #agari #proofpoint #phishing #dmarc #schmuckware


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