HAPPY NEW YEAR as Proofpoint Paves Text Phishing Route to M&T Bank?

Spectrum Local News reports (read it here) that Buffalo, NY-based M&T Bank customers got double whammies with a creative phishing method.  The texts asked for user IDs, passwords, card numbers, and social security numbers. Texts are immune to phishing/emailspoofing/impersonation, but M&T Bank is protected from email scams by proofpoint. Problem is, as I have previously reported, proofpoint DMARC protection doesn't work (just search for all my proofpoint stories using the spyglass icon in the upper right-hand corner). Which means the scammers could have phished the text numbers of M&T customers from their website and then used the texts to scam the customers.

It is reported that the texts were sent to "both members and non-members of M&T Bank…" So in fairness to proofpoint, I can only "suspect" their complicity in facilitating the attacks. But to dot all the "i's" and "t's" for upcoming class action lawsuits, you attorneys might consider adding proofpoint to your filings. The discovery process could yield a goldmine of probable cause.

Sincerely yours,

Mad Max
Jailhouse Lawyer

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