Ring Throws Customers Under the Bus

The day after Thanksgiving, GIZMODO ran the above image and story (read it here). Five US senators sent a litter to Amazon chief Bezos concerned with Ring's "habit of sharing its users' videos not only with law enforcement but also with its Ukraine-based research team."

Okay, that's strike one. Strikes two and three were reported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (read the story here), where "Buzzfeed News is reporting that over 3,600 Ring owners' email addresses, passwords, camera locations, and camera names were dumped online."

Of course, they had me at strike one. After all, what could possibly go wrong with sending data to a Ukraine-based team? Holy meal-on-a-shingle!

Mad Max

PS:  Ring.com is protected by dmarcian from email phishing/spoofing/impersonation. Click on the spyglass in the above right-hand corner and find my opinion of dmarcian.

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