Rush Limbaugh should make sure his advertisers do NOT use Agari.

Doggone it Rush. You ought to check out your advertisers, especially the ones who get their hands on your listeners' computers. A couple years ago, I signed up for iDrive based on your recommendation. What a crap company! I cancelled the morons. Now you're advertising a subsidiary of theirs: RemotePC. I don't care WHAT the price is. Even if it was free you couldn't afford the risks. Because both iDrive and RemotePC are not protected against email spoofing/impersonation/phishing. Because their provider, Agari, has turned that enforcement off (p=none).

Of course, even if Agari turned on DMARC enforcement, their stuff just doesn't work (check out the search button at the top right-hand spyglass to see my multiple exposee´s on Agari).

By the way, Mad Max also bought some Boll and Branch sheets based upon your recommendation. What crap sheets! Don't be such a whore. Check out your advertisers!

Mad Max

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